new projects and recent photography

I am happy to be in collaboration with Fajitaville Grille, a new restaurant to open this summer on Corpus Christi Beach.  I created the above logo and implemented it to the website. is up live, but in constant states of development until the grand opening of Fajitaville Grille!  Stay tuned…



a monkey hanging on a palm tree

C and O see a tortuga

beautiful scarlet ibis

Zebras for Courtney.

some goats and giraffes.

We headed to Brownsville for a visit to the Gladys Porter Zoo.  All of the animals above were photographed on the zoo grounds.

some flowers from our yard.

two studies of North Padre Island architecture.


some rare birds

On a misty morning on Padre Island recently I came across this gorgeous Peregrine Falcon.  I spotted the falcon and missed my initial photo op when it was startled by my presence and flew away.  I followed…and was lucky enough to snap some photos of “one of the fastest of all birds.” Such a majestic creature.  They say the Peregrine will dive at speeds from 150-200mph!  Also it will fly at a sustained speed of 60mph!

a great blue heron on the same misty morning.

clear blue sky in Corpus Christi.

This is a Live Oak tree on the Lamar Peninsula on Copano Bay.  It is known as “The Big Tree” and is over 1000 years old.

also on the Lamar Peninsula we were very lucky to see a family of the endangered Whooping Crane.  The tallest of all birds in North America.

This shot also from the Copano Bay area at the Fulton Harbor.

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recent works – ensueños –

tropicals at home.

cali grrrl

a bamboo scroll calendar.

por la cerveza de Costa Rica.

Lifesavers…HALO flight.

the warrior fish.

and it’s fin.

dos palomas en el sol.

an afternoon view.

a surfers tool.

take a load off…

November 12, 2010 – these photos were all taken over the last couple of weeks…right here at home.

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